Factors to consider while choosing a web host comany

A website is a crucial tools for marketing your business and therefore choosing the right website hosting company is one of the most important decision that a business person neet to make.

Existence of the Company

The main question the person need to ask themselves is How long have the company be in existence? 
Most companies in Kenya collapse before they celebrate their 5th birthday. What does this mean if your web host subscriber closes their door? A research has proven that when companies fail they don't admit that they are closing the business and therefore they close without informing their clients. What does this mean? If your subscriber closes their business without informing you so that you can transfer your domain and hosting account to another company you will not have access to your domain name and this means that you might be at a risk of losing you domain name together with the website contents and your email addresses.

Company Reliability

Most web hosting companies in Kenya and the world at large promise 99.9% uptime where this is not the case in most scenarios.

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