5 Steps of Choosing your Domain Name

1. The .com Effect

If I want my site’s name to be “mobile.com”, but the name is not available, then webcom kenya advise you to go for something like “mobiles.com” in place of “mobile.info”, “mobile.co.cc”, or “mobile.us”. Country specific extensions restrict the flow of visitors to your site, and a few others like “.info” are considered to be spam links by most of the online users. As long as you have options, it is advisable to choose a “.com” domain name for best results.

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2. Keep it Short

You would be astonished to know that every possible domain name consisting of 3 to 4 letters are already booked and even 5 letter ones stand on the verge of extinction. The demand for such names is not just a coincidence, but developers understand the importance of a short domain name. A domain name works best if it is kept under 10 letters, and in no situation should it exceed length 20.

3. Easy to Remember

Something like “mobilerev.com” might seem a bit bigger then “mbnrew.com” but at least it provides ease of remembrance. A short domain is useless if it is hard to remember. Another example to narrow your understanding is that one always prefers “businesstime.com” over “theworldbusinesstimes.com”. The latter is not only long and dull, but also hard to remember. Just one wrong letter, and the visitor would land up on a completely different page, and the next thing he would do is to give priority to any other site over your

4. Easy to Spell

What is the use of a domain name “Mississippi.com” when half of the word, including me doesn’t even know the spelling of the river Mississippi? Choose something which is appealing and yet simple.

5. Use Keywords

Once your keyword contains the keyword on which your complete site is a blog, it becomes very easy for the people to predict your web content. It not only helps visitors, but even provides for a better search engine optimization. If I provide business solutions, I would go for a thing like “businesshelp.com” or “abcbusiness.com” where “ABC” is the short company name. This technique is quite popular over most of the websites providing the gadget, or the automobile reviews.


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